FREE MOOCS for Documentary Filmmakers

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In addition to the New Trends in Documentary Filmmaking MOOC that started last month (EdX University Carlos III of Madrid), there are two new MOOCs starting that may be of interest to any documentary filmmakers.  EdX’s Journalism for Social Change Mooc via UC Berkeley begins today, and it’s a course designed for those “who are looking to use their expertise and careers to drive positive social change”.  The mission of this course is to show “how to use journalism and media as an implement of social change, and have those students become effective change agents themselves.” For more information and to register for this MOOC, visit

Also starting this month is Canvas Network’s Introduction to Media Ethics via University of Washington.  This course continues through March 31st, and it’s still possible to join in.  It will focus on “ethical communication in media and examine social media and new technologies that influence ethical journalism.”  The course objectives include “applying key concepts of truthfulness, fairness, respect, autonomy, integrity, and transparency in resolving a dilemma.”  For more information and to register for this MOOC, visit

journalism-for-social-change_608x211 edx-logo-header
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